Generate Payouts Automatically

To configure enlistly to automatically generate payouts enable it in the payout settings page (settings/payouts). 

Automatic payout generation can be configured to run at a set interval, specified payment method, and with an earnings threshold. 


  1. Weekly. Payouts will be generated once a week at the start of Sunday.
  2. Monthly. Payouts will be generated once a month on the first of every month. 
  3. Semimonthly (1st and 15th): Payouts will be generated on the 1st and 15th of every month.

The payout interval represents an end date. This means all earnings up to the date determined by the interval will be included in the payout. On a recurring basis the earnings calculated in a payout would most likely fall between the date range included in the set interval. However, it is possible a backdated referral order or commission earnings adjusted for an order placed prior to the pervious payout can be included. 

Minimum Earnings

The minimum earning setting determines the minimum amount of commissions earned to generate a payout. For example if you only pay after the affiliate has earned 25.00 or more a payout will not be generated if the affiliate earned 24.99 or less. 

Payment Method

Select the payment method the generated payouts should be created with.

All payouts generated automatically are set to a a status of pending. You can filter all pending payouts from the payouts listing page. 

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