Viewing Affiliate Commissions

You can get information about affiliate commissions earned and owed from multiple places within enlistly. 

Affiliate Details Page:
To see how much a specific affiliate has earned and is due view that affiliate's details page. From here you will see an "Earning" section that displays the outstanding balance, total earned, and total paid. 

Affiliate Listing Page:
On the affiliate listings page each affiliate row displays the current outstanding balance. The outstanding balance is sortable using the sort drop-down menu. Negative balances are paced in parentheses ie. ($10.57).

Affiliate Export:
When an affiliate export is run the total amount paid and the total commission earned is calculated per affiliate row in the CSV. This is great for in house reporting. 

Order Export:
Every order tracked in enlistly has a calculated earned commission. Every order row in the export contains this value and is available for in house reporting. 

When you visit the Payouts page you will find the outstanding, total earned, and total paid for all of your affiliates along with a list of previous payouts.

New Payout Page:
When creating a new payout from the new payout page you can search for affiliates by email. When the affiliate is selected the outstanding, total earned, and total paid will be displayed. 

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